Carpenterian and Kalkadoon Grasswrens - It was a relief to find both species

Since 2008 BirdLife Northern Queensland has surveyed north-western Queensland and adjacent parts of the Northern Territory for Carpenterian and Kalkadoon Grasswrens. In 2011-12 widespread fires tore cross their territory followed by severe drought in 2013-14. Twenty members from across Australia set out in May 2016 to survey all areas where the grasswrens had been recorded. It was a relief to find both species were still present throughout their known range in the vicinity of Mount Isa, however, populations in the Boodjamulla and Wollogorang KBAs were more restricted than in previous surveys. On the upside, using the surveys, Southern Gulf NRM is developing a fire management strategy amongst pastoralists which will be instructive to see how the grasswren populations respond. 

Images - Carpenterian Grasswren Steve Murphy