NATIONAL TWITCHATHON, OCTOBER 28-29 - Register a team now!

Whether it’s your first time spotting or you’re a fully-fledged twitcher, the Birdlife Australia Twitchathon caters for all birders around the country. No matter where you live you can take part and raise funds for BirdLife Australia’s important conservation work.

This year there are three different event options to choose from:  The Big Weekend of 30 hours (24 hours with a 6 hours rest break), the 12-hour Champagne and the Birdathon with three 1-hour blocks of your choice during one day.

Choose an event, form a team, and start planning a route and fundraising strategy!
This year, a system for calculating the national winning team has been created using statistical analysis of BirdLife Atlas data found in our new Birdata web portal.

Twitchathon raises funds that go towards a different bird conservation initiative in each state. In previous years more than $20,000 has been raised for a single project thanks to the Twitchathon, so even if you are busy on the race weekend, you can still play an important role. Sponsor a team, or donate directly to a species or your state’s cause, even after the event, till the end of November.

To learn more about each state’s conservation project, and to donate, please visit our Conservation Action page.
For more information and to register a team, visit the BirdLife Australia Twitchathon page

Image by Fiona Blandford