East Gippsland on Birdata

Between 18.1.1999 and 15.10. 2017, BirdLife East Gippsland has submitted 771 surveys to Birdata, the national data base managed by BirdLife Australia.

The total No of Species reported is 262. So far in 2017, 94 surveys and 194 species have been reported. These surveys have been completed on Monday Outings for up to 40 weeks per year and 2 X 4 day camps per year, in addition to contracted surveys for local agencies.

Between 10 and 25 members participate each week and at most locations two or three sites are surveyed. Sightings are now logged on the Birdata App by one of a team of members now proficient at field recording this way, then the surveys are submitted and checked on the website.

Some surveys are also shared on our Facebook page. Prior to the availability of the Birdata App, field recording was done on Excel spreadsheets, more recently on an iPad in the field, then the file was submitted by email for keying in to the database by volunteers.

The new method of registering our sightings via the Birdata App is very efficient and a great pleasure to use. We are also able to retrieve and view our data very easily on the web portal. The map on Page 3 shows some of the many survey sites (red dots) registered by BirdLife East Gippsland.

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