On behalf of the 2018 host branch, BirdLife Nhill, I am pleased to invite you to the fourth Birdlife Cross Border Campout. The combined biennial campout between the five Birdlife “border” branches; Warrnambool, Hamilton, Horsham, Nhill and South East SA.

Friday 28th September – Monday 31st September 2018

The location “BASE” for the weekend will be

Little Desert Lodge. Nhill 1457 Nhill-Harrow Rd, Little Desert VIC 3418

This is the middle weekend of the Victorian School Holidays

This is a notification of the date and location only

More information and accom prices will be forwarded ASAP as the Little Desert lodge is under new management and they are going to give us a group booking pricelist.

You will receive an official attendance form as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

2018 Birdlife Cross Border Campout Coordinator

Cindy McDonald,

6 Webb St. Kaniva Vic 3419

Phone: 0429922370

Email: cindymcd@live.com.au