The Greens Bush to Arthurs Seat Biolink - Mornington Peninsula 2017

One of our highlights this year has been our involvement with a project to connect two of our major reserves via private land, engaging the local landowners in the process.

The Greens Bush to Arthurs Seat Biolink is a well funded project whose purpose is to capitalise on the knowledge, experience and skill of participating members to provide the Biolink between the two parks.

BirdLife Mornington Peninsula’s role is to serve on the Advisory Panel and to provide bird data via monitoring of selected sites within the Biolink area. We will also provide historical data from our extensive database to gauge the success of the project. Our monitoring will consist of seasonal surveys, recording species occurrence across five private properties, these properties will be used as a benchmark for bird species within the Biolink.

Participating agencies are: PPWCMA, Bunurong Land Council, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water, Mornington Peninsula Landcare and BLMP.

On another subject the committee had to work very hard to develop a newsletter process after the N.O. indicated it was not funding branch newsletters and that these newsletters should go online. Because of the desire of some members to continue hard copies, printing and financing had to be undertaken locally. This was achieved and is a credit to all committee members.

All the best

Max Burrows