Murray Goulburn in the field and working with community in 2017

This year, the Branch completed its first five years of quarterly surveys around Winton Wetlands, an ongoing project which was commenced in February 2013. As at November 2017, we have seen a total of 152 species of birds at the Wetlands and counted 77,717 individual birds. On average we survey 12 sub-sites at the Wetland and have now completed 232 survey checklists. The estimated volunteer-hours for these surveys is 969 person-hours over the five years, including hours spent in preparation and reporting.

BLMG also conducts bi-monthly surveys at the recently established Australian Botanic Garden in Kialla (south of Shepparton). These surveys began in September 2012, soon after the Garden was established and, as of November 2017, a total of 110 species have been recorded. This list will doubtless grow as the Garden improves in habitat value.

The Branch also provides an important community service in supporting the City of Shepparton’s River Connect project. Several times a year, Branch representatives lead members of the public on a ‘Breakfast With The Birds’ walk at riverside locations around the Shepparton municipality. Public participation in this event is steadily growing and the activity continues to alert locals to the diversity of birdlife which exists on their doorstep. We also have a Facebook page

BirdLife Murray Goulburn (BLMG) held 11 monthly outings this year, bringing our ‘life list’ for Australia to 283 bird species (Victoria 270 species).