BirdLife Affiliate - we continue to campaign to conserve Moolap Saltworks - Geelong Field Nats

The members and friends of Geelong Field Naturalists Club (GFNC) Bird Group have enjoyed 2017.

We’ve participated in the summer and winter Shorebird 2020 surveys across the Bellarine Peninsula, three Orange-bellied Parrot surveys and been heavily involved with the Latham’s Snipe Surveys.

Meeting topics ranging from the latest research on Pacific Gulls and Latham’s Snipe to enjoying raptors and the thrills of travel in eastern Europe and western Africa, have kept us entertained and informed.

We’ve enjoyed informative vignettes on the use of eBird Australia to record bird lists and sightings in our region and well beyond and we finished the year with a wonderful presentation on the efforts to conserve Turquoise Parrots.

Excursions have covered a range of habitats in the Geelong region from Mannerim to Wooloomanata, Lake Lorne to Blue Waters Lagoon and then to some of the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) of the Bellarine Peninsula. We look forward in 2018 to taking on our role as BirdLife Australia Guardian of some of these KBAs.

It was indeed a thrill to prepare a piece for Australian birdlife bringing some local birding sites to the attention of Australasian Ornithological Congress delegates. And on a important note, GFNC members and friends have continued the campaign to conserve Moolap Saltworks as very important habitat for shorebirds.

All in all 2017 has been another very enjoyable year for the GFNC Bird Group.