Werribee expands its survey range 2017

In 2017 our biggest achievement was expanding its range of quarterly surveys to cover five properties.

The first, Mt Rothwell, is a 420-hectare predator-proof property north of the You Yangs, topped by beautiful granite outcrops. As well as area specialities like Southern Whiteface, it hosts many raptors such as Whistling and Black Kite and Brown Falcon.

The second and third are joint surveys with Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group. Pinkerton Forest and Mulla Mulla Grassland (formerly Bush’s Paddock) are Grey Box Grassy Woodlands, home to species such as Diamond Firetail, Brown Treecreeper, Jacky Winter and Tree Martin. The intervening paddock (Pinkerton Link) is gradually being restored with the assistance of Western Water and grants, including a BLA conservation grant for 2017/18. A range of birds has already started to use this link!

The fourth survey covers Eynesbury’s 288-hectare Grey Box Forest and its ornamental lake area; bird specialities include Diamond Firetail, Brown Treecreeper, Speckled Warbler and the occasional Freckled Duck.

The fifth, new survey area is at the 550-hectare Sheoak Hill Glenmore. This survey is very exciting because it will plot the birdlife as the property’s farmland is rid of rabbits and weeds, and simultaneously revegetated. It covers a wide range of habitats including Parwan Creek, and will help consolidate a wildlife corridor between the Brisbane Ranges and White Elephant Reserve/Werribee Gorge parks. One-hundred and eleven species have been recorded across the property in the last nine months, including Speckled Warbler, Rainbow Bee-eater and Black Falcon.”

Have a great break and Xmas.

The Werribee Committee

Image: Freckled Duck by Andrew Silcocks