Southern QLD adopts the Painted Honeyeater as its flagship species!

To help understand the impact land clearing is having  on birds we are looking to gather sightings on Painted Honeyeater. It would be great if you could do a survey for Painted Honeyeaters in an area they have been seen recently. Check Birdata for places the birds have been seen, or to record any sightings from this summer.

We are also taking expressions of interest for local birders and members to attend a workshop about how to register and use Birdata to upload your valuable bird survey data to our national database. BirdLife Australia supplies these data to the Atlas of Living Australia as well as BirdLife International, which in turn is used to assess species on the IUCN RedList. Your contribution will help us ensure we are basing our conservation and management recommendations on the best data available. Please contact our Branch Support Officer, Dr Rob Clemens for more information or to register your interest.