Big WIN for waterbirds at Yandina Wetlands!

Local community members and conservation champions, with support from BirdLife Southern Queensland and BirdLife Australia's conservation team advocated strongly for the wetlands, once at risk of being drained for development. The site is now under the care and management of Unitywater, as part of their own offset programs. Unitywater will take the necessary time and steps to ensure the site can be returned to a natural wetland, with benefits for birds and numerous other flora and fauna species. 

“We have already has a preliminary meeting with key staff at Unitywater,” said Judith Hoyle from BirdLife Southern Queensland. “It’s great to know that by the time migratory shorebirds that used to rely on this habitat return for 2018, restoration of their wetland habitat will be underway.”

Judith Hoyle and Sheena Gilman of the BirdLife Southern Queensland branch deserve a medal for their persistence and hard work to support the purchase of the wetland. 

Image: Australian Painted Snipe by Chris Tzaros