Monica Awasthy is on her way to The Netherlands for Urban Birds.

Hi All

I’m heading off to the Netherlands today to BirdLife International Urban Birds Group (BIGUB) meeting, and I'm excited!

The BIGUB meeting will focus on developing the urban bird framework for the BirdLife International 2020 strategy; preliminary planning for the now delayed Singapore World Congress; and learnings from European based urban-focussed programs at a one day forum on urban ecology alongside the meeting.  I’m taking this as an opportunity to bring back insight for us to work with in developing our own Urban Birds program (e.g. success factors, pitfalls along the way, role/contribution of programs to conservation, science and research, citizen science and engagement) while ensuring BirdLife Australia is a recognised partner in the BirdLife International Urban Birds Strategy.

Bit of background on the steering committee: Both Holly and I have had strong links with this committee since it was formed in 2009. Holly attended the first meeting in the Netherlands in 2009, and I’ve been working with the team since 2011 through my academic roles. A series of reports and papers were published at our last major workshop at ICCB in Auckland in 2011. Some of these, for your interest:

Paper on the development of bird-friendly cities

ICCB 2011 Workshop Report – Urban Birds

BirdLife International Global Survey on Urban Bird Conservation


Monica Awasthy

Birds in Backyards Program Manager


Superb Fairy - Wren by Andrew Silcocks.