Who is BIGnet?

BIGNET stands for Bird Interest Group Network – an assemblage of all birding groups and clubs throughout New South Wales. A weekend conference is held twice a year in NSW, so you may not have heard of it. Previous conferences have been organised by Tamworth, and Hastings Birdwatchers. The most recent BIGnet weekend was in the Illawarra last month, where 37 club representatives (including Richard Jordan and Sue Proust of BirdLife Nth NSW) heard talks on a wide range of topics including;

  • Black-throated Finches and the potential disastrous effect of the Adani coal mine
  • the recovery plan for Gould’s Petrel
  • the dangers to wildlife of helium party balloons
  • developing a Google Calendar to coordinate all the bird-related events throughout the state to try and avoid date clashes
  • ideas for the next workshop on Key Biodiversity Areas to be held in the Shoalhaven in early August.

Above all, the event is a chance for birders from groups both large and small, from across NSW to network, compare notes and hopefully be inspired with new ideas!
In September (9th and 10th) BIGnet will be in Urunga for a program coordinated by BirdLife Northern NSW. A convenient opportunity for the more northerly bird groups to send representatives. 

If you are keen to come along, please get in touch with us at northernnsw@birdlife.org.au

Cheers All

BirdLife Nth NSW