Southern Gulf NRM has picked up the call to protect the Endangered Carpentarian Grasswren

A shout out to BirdLife Northern Queensland and their team of dedicated volunteers who traveled far and wide since 2008, their monitoring of this elusive bird in challenging rugged conditions was critical to listing the Carpentarian Grasswren under EPBC.

Southern Gulf NRM has picked up the call to protect the Endangered Carpentarian Grasswren habitat as result of the BirdLife conservation team and their work on the 2014 IBAs in Danger Campaign, and, among many other things is now supporting BirdLife Northern Queensland Branch to continue their important survey work.

Here's an update on the Glencore-Southern Gulf NRM Carpentarian Grasswren project

On 23 Feb this year, Glencore announced funding to support Southern Gulf NRM’s Carpentarian Grasswren project that has been established under the National Landcare Program. This project’s objective is to secure the Endangered Carpentarian Grasswren’s future through reducing wildfire across approximately 200,000 ha of core habitat.

This work will be undertaken on a group of properties owned by the Kalkadoon Tribal Council. These properties cover the majority of the Buckley River Important Bird Area and contain the stronghold of the Carpentarian Grasswren population. 

The project has six elements

  1. Engagement and partnership building
  2. Fire management planning
  3. Fire management training and capacity building
  4. Fire management
  5. Grasswren surveys and fire monitoring
  6. Legacy building

Glencore’s sponsorship of the project – through its Community Program North Queensland – augments existing funding from the Australian Governments’ National Landcare program. Other partners in this project include Calton Hills; Adaptive NRM; Australian Department of Environment and Energy; BirdLife Australia; BirdLife Southern QLD. BirdLife Northern Queensland; Bush Heritage Australia; Firescape Science; Friendly Fire Ecological Consultants; Kalkadoon Rangers; Norman Wettenhall Foundation; Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection; Queensland Department of Fire and Emergency Services; and Queensland Department of National Parks, Recreation and Sport. Southern Gulf NRM is extremely grateful for this support.

A great show of branches working together, funds for the bird were raised through Queensland 2016 Twitchathon!

Image: Burnt Grasswren habitat by Paul Campbell