5th Annual Network Forum - Birdata, Campaigning, KBA Guardianship, networking.

This week we’re pleased to welcome some of our most passionate volunteers to Melbourne for our fifth Annual Network Forum. Attending the Forum are representatives from our network of Branches, Special Interest Groups and Observatories and Reserves, as well as key campaign groups such as the Moolap Action Network and the Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo Action Group, our Key Biodiversity Areas program and Birds in Backyards. We’re excited!

This year the agenda focuses on working together to have more impact for Australia’s birds, with areas covered including: the importance of using Birdata to set up local programs to answer local conservation questions; the Key Biodiversity Areas program and its Guardians who protect local hotspots; workshops to (1) strengthen our capacity to build conservation campaigning, (2) build on how we can continue to work together to engage the next generation of bird lovers through working with councils and schools, and (3) how regional and national programs can work together, using through the success WA experience as an example.

And most importantly, we will all be networking to build a stronger movement for the birds.

Image: Forum attendees 2013/14/15/16