NAIDOC Week 2017 Indigenous Grant winner — the Tiwi Land Council.

As part of NAIDOC Week, BirdLife Australia has announced the recipient of its Indigenous Grant for 2017 — the Tiwi Land Council.

With this grant, now in its fifth year, BirdLife Australia recognises the wonderful contribution Indigenous people continue to make to the knowledge and conservation of Australia’s native birds. This year the grant again focused on supporting work in Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) — nature’s hotspots in Australia.

The Tiwi Land Council will make use of the 2017 BirdLife Australia Indigenous Grant to support their work on Pirripatiriyi — Seagull Island KBA, a globally significant breeding site for crested terns.

The terns are very important to the local community and Traditional Owners, and the Tiwi Land and Marine Ranger programs  are involved in on-ground conservation work such as removal of marine debris and weeds to maintain open sandy areas within the breeding site.

The Tiwi community has great interest in scientific monitoring techniques, so the workshop that will be conducted as a result of the BirdLife Australia Indigenous Grant will teach the rangers techniques in more accurate monitoring and management of the local breeding tern population. The rangers are looking forward to joining forces with BirdLife Australia and Charles Darwin University to assess breeding effort, laying and hatching success, as well as monitor depredation of nests by Silver Gulls, to assist with the management of the site.

With many of Australia’s Key Bird and Biodiversity Areas located in remote parts of Australia, the actions of organisations such as the Tiwi Land Council are crucial for monitoring and managing the birdlife at these internationally important sites.

BirdLife Australia thanks the donors who support this grant, which helps our Indigenous rangers save birds. You can support this work by making a donation to our KBA appeal here.

Image Courtesy of  Tiwi Land Council, Tiwi Land and Marine Rangers Colin Kerinaiua and Willy Roberts removing marine debris from the globally significant crested Tern Colony of Seagull-island KBA.