Birdata workshops getting out and about.

Hamilton, Warrnambool and South East SA branches host a Birdata workshop with Andrew Silcocks. So far Northern NSW, Northern Rivers, Tamworth Birders, Central Coast Birders, Far South Coast NSW, Shoalhaven, Northern NSW, Northern Rivers, Shoalhaven, King Island, East Gippsland, Melbourne in running a workshop on how to use Birdata.

These Sessions are a demonstration of how to use the Birdata portal and app including  

Entering data via the Birdata portal
• the basics of data entry
• options for selecting the location
• fixing errors before you have submitted
• short-cuts
• the out-of-range warning
• sharing your survey
• fixing errors after you have submitted

Field practice session
• self-manage into teams of 3-5 people
• one person in the team has the Birdata app installed

The Exercise (when outside)
• set up a new survey using GPS for location
• wander around the ponds for 20 minutes as a team
• record all species seen and estimated numbers
For more info see Birdata Help -

If you would like to schedule a workshop please contact 

Image taken by Andrew Silcocks at the Hunter workshop in Newcastle.