2017 Captive Release Project & Community Monitoring Project - Update #14

Regent numbers
Thanks again to the amazing efforts of fantastic coordinators and volunteers - over the last couple of weeks since the last Update #13 the following have been recorded:

  • 66  individual Regents (leg bands confirmed/birds alive) as follows:
  • 21 Regents with working transmitters
  • 41  additional Regents (2017 release cohort with leg bands only)
  • Three returnee Regents (2015 release birds - one with a working transmitter)
  • One wild Regent (now banded and wearing a working transmitter)
7Aug17_Survey Team_GlenJ.jpg

Philip Dubbin's photos show that insects (& bugs) are an important component of a Regent 'Honeyeater' diet and that with spring approaching Regents are starting to pair up        

The other Yellow Yellow!

  • While the much celebrated 2015 "Yellow Yellow Red Metal" has achieved notoriety and media acclaim, its 2017 release equivalent "Orange Metal Yellow Yellow" is also well travelled.  It was one of the first birds recorded north of the freeway and has since traversed all parts of the north side of the park.  But in recent times it had gone missing (it's not wearing a transmitter).
  • Fortunately Dave Hancock recently confirmed it is alive and well 52 days since its last observation - - having joined a small group again on the north side.

Monitoring - your chance to participate at Chiltern
There's still heaps of volunteer monitoring opportunities - 5 days per week (excluding Tuesday & Saturday). Please email: Liz WemyssElizabeth.Wemyss@delwp.vic.gov.au to register your interest  
Please ensure you provide your full name, email address, mobile phone number.  (Liz will provide essential information including links to free phone apps that must be undertaken/downloaded prior to arriving on site).
Note: we have spare phones with apps already installed that are available for volunteers that have old, dodgy or no phone - or we can team you up with others that have appropriate smart phones.  

Spot a Regent in the meantime?
Please let us know ASAP if you spot any or hear of Regents observations (so we can help follow-up to check for further birds etc).  Remember to check for bands with binoculars and take & forward photo's where possible.

Please contact us if you have any queries