Plover Appreciation Day September 16th

It’s not long until Plover Appreciation Day (September 16th), the international day for celebrating the diversity of plovers and raising awareness about the different species and most of all how threatened they can be when nesting. We are preparing lots of fun things to go online via Facebook and Instagram, as well as activities and events for the days surrounding this date.

See the following link for a info sheet with ideas for what you could do on the day, plus a Dropbox link to extra files in case you want these:

In the Dropbox you will find Hooded Plover colouring in sheets and naming competition entry details, a red-capped plover colouring in sheet, threat fact sheets and a few different plover species fact sheets.

On the day there will be a link to an online Game of Plovers quiz put up on social media that can be emailed around. From Sept 1st, I will do a post a day using the Game of Plovers storyline. Don’t judge me!!!

It’s really just a day to do whatever you can to celebrate and to raise awareness. The easiest things to do are social media posts (use the hashtag #ploverappreciationday) or organising a casual walk to see plovers. If you have school connections, it can be nice to involve the students in the ‘name the hoodie’ cartoon competition or even work with them to make posters that can go up around town on the day. I recall last year one school got the students to wear red caps to celebrate red-capped plovers (on the Samphire coast!).

Let us know if you need us to post some materials if you have an event planned with a school or your local community, and we’ll see what we can get together.


Grainne  Maguire

Coasts and Marine Project Manager

Image by Grainne Maguire