A New KBA perhaps?

The BLS Committee has adopted a proposal to investigate the possibility of the Shoalhaven Heads coastal area being accepted as a Key Biodiversity Area. BLS members would be more than aware of what a great birding site this area is, especially the tidal delta and shoals. The proposal involves an area that includes Seven Mile Beach National Park, which also comprises some of the Coomonderry Swamp, Shoalhaven Heads, the estuary to Pig Island and of course the Comerong Nature Reserve.

A discussion paper was prepared for the committee to consider the proposal. A great deal of research, monitoring, assessment and report writing work has gone into this area from people such as NPWS, CSIRO and environmental consultants, including major shorebird species monitoring. It would be fair to say that the profiling provided in the discussion paper presented impressive testimony to the biodiversity of this area. The record of threatened species birds alone speaks strongly to the natural biodiversity value of the area with the Australasian Bitterns in Coomonderry Swamp being an exemplar species with Commonwealth "endangered" status. BirdLife Shoalhaven Newsletter – Winter 2017 – Page 6 The criteria for listing as a KBA are extensive, as they should be, but it is also clear from advice BLS has received from the KBA coordinator with BLA that the attempt to list will not be a short and direct path.