New facility for Broome Bird Observatory

Woodside donates building to Broome Bird Observatory

Since the mudflats of Roebuck Bay, near Broome, were revealed as a premier site to see migratory shorebirds — that was back in the 1980s — it has been the most important destination in Australia for people keen to see and study shorebirds.

With a seasonal population of many, many thousands of migratory shorebirds, which in turn draws a multitude visiting shorebird-watchers from across Australia and around the world, all eager to train their spotting scopes in their direction, it’s difficult to overstate its importance.

The Broome Bird Observatory was located on the shores of Roebuck Bay specifically because of the presence of the shorebirds, and quickly became the epicentre of Australian shorebird studies.

The Observatory has now increased its capacity to cater for those visiting birdwatchers, students and ornithologists after Woodside Energy generously donated a demountable building (and also transported it to out to the Observatory) so that it can be fitted out as a migratory shorebird interpretive centre — a vital resource for the continued study of the shorebirds of Roebuck Bay.


Image: Roebuck Bay by Andrew Silcocks