Hooded Plover Biennial Count

Every two years in mid-November, volunteers take part in a population census of Hooded Plovers across all ocean beaches of the Eastern mainland. This gives us the best estimate of population size as well as a snapshot of threats across the range of this highly threatened beach-nesting bird.

From Wollongong to Ceduna, we aim to survey all ocean beaches in between and count the number of ‘Hoodies’ plus other beach-nesting shorebird and seabird species we see!

This massive feat of surveying 2,300km of coastline in a 2-week period is not possible without your help! An online induction is available for further training if required and there are opportunities to partner up with experienced observers.

Please contact: bnbcount@birdlife.org.au to be put in contact with your local Regional Coordinator.

Official Count Weekend

17-18th November 2018

  (plus one week either side of these dates)