Thank you to one of our volunteers from Southern NSW: Dana Murty

A grandmother who was a school teacher and part-time forester; growing up in a village in Czechoslovakia, surrounded by forest; a large garden with a bird-box for Starlings, and a bird-feeder visited by Blue Tits to name just one bird, no wonder Dana has always had an interest in them.  She remembers in winter going into the forest to feed the pheasants and says they had them in the garden too.  She remembers they also had some stuffed birds in the house,  an owl and a kite.

Dana came to Australia in 1969 with her sister.  They had travelled to Germany to obtain a visa from there.  It was a big adventure for them and they decided to stay.

Particularly interested in native plants and ecology, Dana studied biology and mathematics in 1980s followed by research in ecology in 1990s, and birds were peripheral to those studies. 

Staying in Buddhist forest monasteries since 1990s and seeing birds there sparked a resolve to learn more.  She got to know the common birds and when staying at a monastery in Bundanoon compiled a list of the species seen there, including Wonga Pigeons, Satin Bowerbirds and Lyrebirds.

After retiring Dana become involved with bush care and over a year ago decided to volunteer at the Discovery Centre.  She has facilitated a few origami workshops for children and sees origami as a means to educate children about birds and eco-sustainable resources; she is passionate about encouraging everyone to reduce their use of plastics, etc.  She likes the little birds, Red-browed Finches and Silvereyes, and is interested in bird behaviour and how they interact and live in harmony with their surroundings.

Dana has been doing lots of work on Plastics and Pollution, as well as developing origami activities. She has developed some posters referring to the problems of plastic pollution in our waters. Some of the decorated godwits really empasise this problem.

From the BirdLife team, thank you so much for your valuable time Dana!