Sea-Eagle Cam Update 2018

October 6 - Our first hatched eaglet SE 21 has just branched this morning.

Some weeks ago, the second hatched and smaller chick died. For some unknown reason the male did not bring prey for about a week, so food was scarce. The behaviour of the bigger eaglet changed, with constant aggression towards its sibling. The smaller eaglet died and was removed from the nest. I was able to retrieve the body and took it to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital for autopsy. 

When the sibling rivalry became very confronting, we stopped live streaming, though we have recording of the whole period.

Live streaming and the EagleCAM project has been very important, but social media also introduces many issues. Many people do not understand the issues at all and don't agree with our clearly stated non intervention policy.

Latest, all are thriving, there is plenty of food and SE 21 is ready to fly very soon.

UPDATE October 19: SE21 has fledged and is in the forest somewhere, hopefully being fed! 

A full diary can be found HERE

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