Biggest Twitch yet! Winners announced.

This year’s National Twitchathon, held at the end of Bird Week, was one of the best yet.

Across the country, 116 teams of birders (the greatest number ever!) raced against the clock in fine weather, scoring impressive species counts and raising, at time of writing, over $45,000 - well above our goal.

Here are the 2018 national winning teams in the categories of weighted species counts, highest fundraising and staff favourite team names...

Congratulation to all our winning teams!

'Big Weekend', 30-hour race: (highest weighted species counts)

1st - Hunter Home Brewers NSW, 92.6% (264) - Steve Roderick, Lucas Grenadier, Mick Roderick
2nd - Bird Nerds TAS, 92.5% (148) - Peter Vaughan, Andrea Magnusson, Maddy Calder
3rd - Ruff Knights northeast WA, 90.2% (185) - Nigel Jackett, Bruce Greatwich, Stewart Ford, John Graff

'Big Day', 12-hour race: (highest weighted species counts)

1st The Good the Bad and the Ugly southwest WA, 87.8% (158) - Nick Brown, Mark Newman, Alan Collins, Lochlan Newman
2nd Phaps Around the Traps VIC, 83.3% (179) - Michael Ramsey, Matthew Crawford
3rd Duck Norris NSW, 80.0% (192) - Ethan Marshall, Anthony  Cooper, Charlotte Cooper

Birdathon: (highest species counts)

1st Spotted Hobbies VIC, 137 - Craig Morley, David Tytherleigh
2nd The Lazy Little Last-minute Lame Loser Listing Lesser Lophorinas NSW, 134 - Max Breckenridge, Shahaf Weiss, Layla Pope, Josh Bergmark
3rd The Manky Shearwaters VIC, 125 - Sean Dooley, Chris Watson

Note: national scores have been based on “the number of birds possible” from your region using Birdata records. Some regions will have more species than others, so to make it fair each region has been weighted differently. If you have any questions please contact us at

Highest Funds raised by a team

1st - Lousy Jacks NSW $3,775.00 - Deryk Engel, Ross Rapmund, Paul Burcher

2nd - Flea Bittern TAS $2,775.00 - Michael Vaughan, George Vaughan, Margot Vaughan

3rd - Hunter Home Brewers NSW $2,485.00 - Steve Roderick, Craig Anderson, Lucas Grenadier, Mick Roderick

Favourite team names - voted by BirdLife staff

Prize: 1st prize Birdata 'Make birding count' t-shirts.
1st Life of Prion VIC - Daniel Pendavingh, Brett Whitfield
2nd Red-Backed Hairy-Men QLD - Daryl Barnes, Gerry Woodruff, Jason Stanyer, Richard Atkinson, Sam Tarlinton
3rd Duck Norris NSW - Ethan Marshall, Anthony Cooper, Charlotte Cooper

State by state funds raised

The Regent Honeyeater in NSW - $22,180

The Mallee Emu-wren in VIC and SA - $6,146

The Australasian Bittern in WA - $2,186

The Capricornian Yellow Chats in QLD - $9,981

The Wedge-tailed Eagle in Tasmania - $3,527

These threatened species were decided state-by-state in collaboration with BirdLife branches, staff and affiliates.

A big shout-out to our state coordinators, Mick Roderick and Ashwin Rudder (NSW), Matthew Crawford (VIC), Stewart Ford (WA), Pamela Kiel (NT), Rod Clemens (QLD), Ian Reid (SA) and Peter Vaughan (TAS). Thank you to all of the teams who worked hard to pick up sponsors, raise team profiles and raise funds. In the closest we get to competitive sport, birders mapped out clever routes, showed off their skills, and had fun during a great weekend of birding.

Onward and upward to 2019.

Image: Peter Vaughan (TAS)