The Australian Bird Environment Foundation (ABEF)

The Australian Bird Environment Foundation (ABEF)

Australasian Seabird Group

The Australasian Seabird Group will use its ABEF Grant to fund a workshop to bring together key stakeholders and experts in seabird conservation and management from around Australia to identify research and conservation priorities and agree on a roadmap for BirdLife Australia to develop the Seabird Conservation Program.

Bird Conservation Monitoring and Evaluation Program

Funds from the ABEF Grant will allow volunteers and regional coordinators to be trained and mentored in conducting structured bird surveys for the Birdata program. The data this will provide is vital for monitoring and evaluating trends in bird populations in Australia and will guide future management of birds and their habitats. The production of informative reports such as a Threatened Bird Index, Seabirds Index and the like are a natural extension of this.

BirdLife Mildura

BirdLife Mildura will use the funds from their ABEF Grant to provide support for farmers and other landholders to become better custodians of bird habitats on their properties, educating them about how to enhance bird habitats, in conjunction with the BirdLife Australia’s Birds on Farms project.

BirdLife Southern Queensland

The ABEF Grant awarded to BirdLife Southern Queensland will be used to conduct workshops which will introduce volunteers to Birdata and encourage them to use it when submitting data collected during Powerful Owl surveys, and other bird sightings. The Powerful Owl project is expanding its monitoring scope in southern Queensland to expand our understanding of Powerful Owl populations in the face of continuing suburban development.

BirdLife Western Australia

Funds from the ABEF Grant will allow BirdLife WA to analyse data gathered (around 9000 2-hectare surveys have been submitted) by volunteers during the Great Western Woodlands project, to assess the distribution, population status, movements and ecology of the woodland birds to better inform conservation and management of the region.

Burung Luat Indonesia (Seabirds Indonesia)

Burung Luat Indonesia will use its funds from the ABEF Grant to monitor the Christmas Island Frigatebird in Jakarta Bay and surrounds to identify usage and demographics, and to quantify the Sunda Straits as a key migration corridor between Christmas Island and the Sunda Shelf. It will also facilitate an assessment of threats to the species at sea by interviewing fishermen and other stakeholders, and raise awareness of the protected status among them.

Friends of Mallacoota

The Friends of Mallacoota will use their ABEF Grant to conduct a community workshop and Dog’s Breakfast to raise awareness about the plight of beach-nesting birds (particularly Hooded Plovers) among the local community and summer visitors, providing practical ways to make a difference. It will also allow them to purchase crucial resources to improve monitoring of Hooded Plovers along the East Gippsland coast.

Friends of the Hooded Plover, South Gippsland

The ABEF Grant awarded to Friends of the Hooded Plover, South Gippsland will be used to fund a community workshop which will teach volunteers the skills needed to monitor Hooded Plovers, as well as obtain resources which will assist monitoring of the species along the South Gippsland coast.

King Island Natural Resource Management Group

Funds from the ABEF Grant will enable workshops on King Island to engage the local community on planning efforts and mobilise on-ground resources to prevent the extinctions of the Endangered King Island Brown Thornbill and Critically Endangered King Island Scrubtit, both endemic to King Island.

Migratory Shorebirds Action Plan

The ABEF Grant awarded to the Migratory Shorebirds Action Plan will allow the identification of important sites for migratory shorebirds in Australia that require improved protection; improve population monitoring in Australia; support community engagement to reduce disturbance by recreation; identify knowledge gaps in shorebird ecology, especially in northern Australia; and to develop and resource an engagement strategy for migratory shorebird conservation in China.

North Queensland Natural History Group

The North Queensland Natural History Group will use the funds from its ABEF Grant to conduct on-ground surveys to study the distribution, ecological needs and threats to the Endangered Gouldian Finch in North Queensland to provide a better understanding of the habitat needs of the species. This will, in turn, provide a basis of strengthened management guidelines to ensure its conservation.

Application forms, together with all supporting information, must be received no later than 31 May each year, and the Application must be completed and signed by the person or persons responsible for implementing the project.

See this link for Guidelines on Funding and an application form.

Image: Great Western Woodlands by Mark Henryon.

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