Our WA branch 2018

Our WA branch, its sub-branches; and Broome and Eyre Bird Observatories worked hard for Birds in 2018. The Great Cocky Count continued to monitor Perth’s black-cockatoos; an active citizen science campaign developed partnerships with Indigenous Rangers; a symposium, ‘Working Together to Conserve Western Australian Birds’, was held in August; a successful campaign to preserve the Helena and Aurora Range saw the WA government stop mining and declare a conservation reserve; Broome Bird Observatory celebrated its 30th anniversary with a busy program, including hosting the BirdLife Australia Congress & Campout.

A new project in 2018 included Native Bird Oasis, the projects focus is to showcase the types of native vegetation people can plant in their backyards to provide habitat for birds, and a grant win from our state NRM saw shorebird identification workshops on conducting surveys. 

Our WA Community Education committee gave over 50 presentations, school visits and workshops with over 1500 students and 550 people attending.  Our Excursions and Photography groups ran over 70 walks and 6 campouts and our Regional groups held over 60 walks.  Our members are proud users of Birdata, 7,200 surveys were entered into Birdata this year across Shorebirds 2020, Great Western Woodlands, Great Cocky Count and Cockywatch.  Projects are underway to enter data in Birdata from Perth Suburban Bird surveys (records starting from 1996 onwards) and the WA Bird Database.

Our volunteers have contributed over 20,000 hours to the work of BirdLife WA in 2018

Image: A family affair by Gary Meredith