Thank you from Paul Sullivan

Thank you from Paul Sullivan

Hello everyone,

Well, 2018 started with a warning: the Global Risks Report 2018 launched in Davos predicted an “ecological Armageddon” caused by the loss of habitat and species. Unless humans act now, we face large scale crop failures, poverty and mass migration of people. Scary stuff.

But while the problems we face are truly enormous, there is always hope when amazing people come together to find and deliver practical solutions. And that’s what BirdLife does well. So, as this year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect and celebrate our successes:

  • we are deploying chick shelters, nest protectors, artificial roosts and better management practices to stop extinctions;

  • we are making real progress in our fight for better nature laws and the implementation of recovery plans;

  • we are stopping bad things from happening – such as the proposed phosphate mine on Christmas Island;

  • we are analysing data collected by thousands of volunteers to identify population declines of birds such as the Mallee Striated Grasswren – so they can be protected; and

  • we are growing and empowering our supporter base, financing our programs and giving birds a bigger voice than ever.

While we’ve achieved a great deal, there is still much to do in 2019. The year ahead is exciting: building capacity to deliver more bird conservation outcomes; investing in better systems; evolving our communications to engage donors and empower new supporters; and investing in our volunteers. Importantly, more than ever – our scientists, campaigners, communications and fundraising teams, community branches, reserves and observatories are working together to deliver our bird conservation programs.

I know our President John Barkla and BirdLife’s Directors join me in thanking every one of you for the work you have done to secure the future for Australia’s birds.  Whether you work in the field, within the local community, on a committee, or in the back office – your passion, energy, knowledge and hunger to do more to stop extinctions inspires me.

People like Lang Walker might have deep pockets to try and exploit Australia’s weak laws, but BirdLife has something money cannot buy – we have passionate champions for nature and generous supporters who are willing to pull together and never give in.

I feel proud to work with such amazing employees and volunteers. Thanks to you, we can be optimistic about our future.

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year with your family and friends.

PS: please share this note with everyone who is helping us to stand together against extinctions.

All the best

Paul Sullivan CEO

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