Our branches in NT in 2018.

We asked our groups a few questions about how they fared in 2018, including, what their biggest achievement was, how many volunteers hours they put in and how many surveys and events they did over the year. In total, 140k volunteer hours, 40k surveys and 5000 events happened across our Network in 2018, what an achievement!.

Central Australia and Top End. Monitoring of migratory shorebirds and birds of the arid zone were a focus of the two branches; community engagement was ramped up in Indigenous communities and also in the wider community, raising awareness of bird conservation and monitoring; a new branch joined the fold, Top End, and immediately took on the role of organising the upcoming Australasian Ornithological Conference; and from the Red Centre to Katherine and Kakadu, Bird Week is blending into a bird month.

Image: Hooded Parrot by Mark Gardner