Our Tasmania branch in 2018

We asked our groups a few questions about how they fared in 2018, including, what their biggest achievement was, how many volunteers hours they put in and how many surveys and events they did over the year. In total, 140k volunteer hours, 40k surveys and 5000 events happened across our Network in 2018, what an achievement! 

Our Tasmania branch launched the second edition of the State of Tasmania bird report, revealing the status of Tasmanian birds highlighting potential conservation concerns for understudied species, such as the Blue-winged Parrot, and the importance of Tasmania as a drought refuge for some species of waterbirds when conditions become unsuitable on the Australian mainland. The branch hosted the annual Bruny Island Bird Festival in spring again, closely followed by the Australian Shorebird Conference.

State of Tasmania's Birds" (SoTB) Report

In more detail the publication of Tasmanian Bird No 39 contains our second "State of Tasmania's Birds" (SoTB) Report. Every branch member,  key supporters and relevant land mangers receive hard copy. In addition to the SoTB report, the Bird Report contains  three articles which demonstrate the use of Birdata surveys to provide   quantitative information on the status of Tasmanian birds. These papers are   relevant to quantifying the health of woodland in semi-urban areas and   reserves. Though this process of local data ownership and dissemination we   encourage our members to participate in the systematic study of birds using   BLA's standard survey methods, highlighting the benefits of sustained repeat   surveys at sites.