Threatened Bird index Launch

Last Tuesday night the Threatened Bird index was finally launched after two years of blood, sweat and tears compiling it in a huge combined effort between University of Queensland and BirdLife Australia.

From Facebook:

 The Index was launched this by the Threatened Species Commissioner, Dr Sally Box.

The index combines data from over 180,000 surveys on 43 threatened birds in over 5000 locations across Australia to tell us about overall trends for Australia's threatened birds. This is the world's first threatened species index.

Would you like to see this reported at the end of the news, along with the stock market indices?

The TSR Hub project is being led by The University of Queensland and BirdLife Australia with the support of over 40 other government, conservation and research groups.

You can find out more and explore the index at  

And more detail on the website here:

On average, populations of Australia’s threatened birds have decreased by half since 1985, according to Australia’s new Threatened Bird Index. 

According to Lead researcher Dr Elisa Bayraktarov from the University of Queensland, some bird species have decreased by more and others by less, but that is the average trend across species for which data is available.

Threatened migratory shorebirds have suffered the largest decrease, dropping by 70% on average in the last 30 years.  

The Threatened Bird Index was launched by the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Commissioner Dr Sally Box in Brisbane this week. It is a joint initiative of the Threatened Species Recovery Hub and BirdLife Australia and pulls together data from monitoring programs across the country.

”The objective of the index is to enable policy makers, the public and conservation groups to better understand how threatened birds are faring,” Dr Bayraktarov said.