Thank you!

I want to personally thank you for partnering with us to save Australia’s most threatened birds.

This is what you have achieved with your donations and support over the last year. It’s an impressive list, and I hope you’re encouraged by how your support helps birds.

You’ve protected birds in decline in Nature’s Hotspots

Your generosity has helped to:

  • Trial predator-proof nest boxes in Swift Parrot habitat, to help boost the survival rates of eggs and chicks
  • Set up the Tiwi Land Council partnership to protect Crested Tern breeding colonies on Seagull Island
  • Fight against the proposed expansion of phosphate mining on Christmas Island, home to the last breeding colony of Abbott’s Booby

Much of this work was undertaken as part of the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) campaign, which highlighted 315 nature’s hotspots in Australia.

With your support, we were able to:

  • Highlight 19 globally important wildlife habitats under Very High Threat in Australia, as outlined in last year’s KBAs in Danger report. Threats include mining, unsustainable water use, and poor development proposals
  • Fight for better protections for these KBAs and the threatened birds within them
  • Support and involve over 1,500 volunteers, who contributed 27,000 hours (or 710 working weeks) of monitoring and conservation work
  • Undertake revegetation, weed control, fencing and nestbox building to ensure the future survival of threatened birds

A big thank you to all our volunteers – and to you for making it possible. (You can find a KBA near you here)

Thank you for fighting developments that put birds at risk of extinction

You’ve helped to:

  • Win the campaign against proposed mining in the stunning Helena and Aurora Range in WA. Part of the Great Western Woodlands, which includes several threatened birds, the Range is home to 110 bird species
  • Put the creation of a new national park on the table for the Helena and Aurora Range
  • Advocate for the protection of one of the most significant remaining habitats for the Endangered Southern Black-throated Finch, currently under threat from the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland

BREAKING NEWS! If you have not already heard, the Senate has just voted to STOP the draining of 70 billion litres more water from the Darling River, which connects to the Macquarie Marshes. The Marshes were identified by BirdLife Australia as a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) in Danger, providing vital habitat for half a million waterbirds. Thanks to your support, this KBA is one step closer to being safe!

Thank you for helping more threatened birds to survive

Other wins you’ve made possible:

  • 101 Regent Honeyeaters released at Chiltern, Victoria. It was the biggest ever captive release of this threatened bird. So far, the survival rate has been over 70%. Thank you!
  • Research on the impact that ingesting plastics has on Australasian seabirds. After a Retail First-branded balloon was found inside a dead Grey-headed Albatross, the shopping centre chain banned helium balloons at all its promotional events
  • Start of the Migratory Shorebird Conservation Action Plan. Upcoming actions include identifying vital Australian sites for threatened migratory shorebirds, and reducing the damage to key species caused by activities such as walking dogs off-lead and unrestricted 4-wheel driving
  • A draft plan that looks set to protect the Moolap saltworks wetland in Victoria, a key habitat for the Curlew Sandpiper and other shorebirds

Your generosity and commitment to BirdLife Australia help to save birds at risk of extinction!

Saving threatened birds is not the work of a single day...

Thank you again for your support.