ABEF raises funding up to $10,000 for Network groups

The Australian Bird Environment Foundation (ABEF) is a Trust Fund established in 1983 by the Bird Observers Club of Australia (now BirdLife Australia) to support practical, on ground conservation activities.  ABEF has traditionally applied income from its investments to provide small grants to community conservation projects Australia-wide.

In recent years, BirdLife Australia has worked with ABEF Trustees to align the ABEF grants program with the organisation’s conservation programs and priorities. This is working well. Last year ABEF supported a number of branch projects including birdata surveys of Yandina Wetlands (secured through a BirdLife campaign) and the Carpenteria Grasswren (a ‘KBA in Danger’).

ABEF Trustees recently agreed to further increase its investment and alignment in BirdLife aligned projects. This means branches, groups, reserves and observatories will be able to apply for ABEF funding of up to $10,000 to increases their capacity to deliver BirdLife Australia's programs (e.g. recruit KBA Guardians, increase birdata survey participation).

Non-BirdLife community groups can also apply for up to $5,000 if their work supports our program deliverables (e.g. local Beach-nesting Birds signage and equipment).                           

This is an effective and low cost way to scale the impact and reach of BirdLife Australia’s highly successful bird conservation programs and better connect our Network with our programs and staff.

Applications for an ABEF grant are due before the 31st May, 2018. You can download an application form here: http://www.birdlife.org.au/who-we-are/our-organisation/awards-scholarships/australian-bird-environment-foundation