Our ‘Wings on King’ 2018 Autumn Bird Surveys are on again

Mark 26-29th April in your calendar

We invite you to come along and join others to survey the birds on our beautiful King Island. Experienced birders, new birders, not sure/maybe birders, visitors and locals ALL ARE WELCOME

It’s fun, its free and you will be positively contributing towards the sustainability of King Island.

To join in please register here - https://www.birdsofkingisland.com/register - hard copy rego forms are available here also.

Over the weekend you will 

  • learn about the birds of king island
  • participate in citizen science research
  • contribute towards caring for King island
  • and meet like-minded friends.

In our upcoming BirdLife Australia Report - Restoring the balance - The case for a new generation of Australian environment laws - available March 2018 – King Island species are highlighted as a key failure under our present environment laws. 

For those of you who haven’t heard about the WINGS on KINGS project, it was launched in April 2017, the project invited bird enthusiasts to visit King Island and help gather data from established survey sites. These sites are situated on both private and public land, across the island visitors got to see a diverse range of habitat most visitors don't get to. 

What will the project achieve?

Using Birds as Indicators of the health of the whole island, we will use the data to identify conservation areas of most importance and undertake actions to ensure a sustainable future for the island, its people and its wildlife. 

To do this we need to:

·   learn about the presence, absence and populations of the resident land birds of King Island

·    establish current population levels of the King Island subspecies and monitor these closely

·    establish how the Bass Strait migrating birds use the Island when they are here

·    identify the most important areas of the island for conservation initiatives including new or improved corridors

·         Watch for evidence of southward drifts in distribution ranges of mainland land birds that may be a response to a changing climate.

The Project is a project of the King Island Natural Resource Management Group and BirdLife Australia in association with Birds of King Island



or join: https://www.facebook.com/BirdsOfKingIsland/


Image: Phoques bay by Fiona Blandford