Act for birds - Community Forum - Sydney

Over 40 bird lovers joined us on a busy Friday night in Sydney to discuss how #naturelaws are failing Australia’s birds.  With the Hunter Valley region home to two Critically Endangered species, the Eastern Curlew and Regent Honeyeater, the need for a system that genuinely protects threatened species was made evident. 

Attendees first heard from BirdLife Southern NSW President, Phil Straw, speak on his work studying migratory shorebirds and how he has witnessed firsthand the declines in shorebird populations. Next, Ross Crates gave us an insight in the complexities of environmental offsets and how the Regent Honeyeater is facing “death by 1,000 cuts.” and  our Conservation campaigns manager Margaret Quixley explain the Places you Love and our Nature laws Campaign. 

A nice surprise top see Bernie Hobbs, Bernie is an award winning science writer and ABC radio presenter. 

Sydney townhall community forum - Nature Laws_1.jpg


Next stop -  home to melbourne tomorrow, thanks to everyone who show support, what a week!  


Kim Garret - BirdLife Conservation Community Organiser