This year our branch is partnering with BirdLife Australia Birds in Schools program, Townsville City Council and a number of Primary Schools (Years 5 and 6) within the Townsville region ( Weir State School, Townsville Grammar Junior School and St Michaels on Palm Island) to implement the "Birds in Schools" Program.

The Program is designed to foster enthusiasm, conservation action and a life-long interest in the wonderful world of Australian birds

The Program will consist of 4 modules:
Module 1: A background module (Bird is the Word: teaching notes plus one lesson to be delivered to students). This is to support the three hour training workshop (which was held on Monday 23 April at Riverway Arts Centre). Ten members of Birdlife Townsville volunteered and attended the workshop as well as Teachers and Helene James from TCC Community Programs Officer.

This is what we heard from  St Michael’s school on Palm Island

We put this on our Facebook page: Mr Wal and Mr Norm from Birdlife Townsville visited Year 5 today. They taught us a lot about birds, their habitats and what to look for when observing them. We compared the weight of different animal skulls and realised that bird bones are very light - this allows them to fly. We used telescopes and binoculars to observe bird photos on the fence and then used charts to identify and name the birds. Now we can't wait to find and record all birds that live around our school!

Drongo May 2 2018.jpg


Thanks again