Act for Birds - Community Forum - Townsville

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Last Saturday in Townsville, Australia’s largest tropical city, 35 locals joined us for a conversation about environmental law and how it impacts conservation of our birds, especially Townsville’s own Southern Black-Throated Finch. Dr April Reside travelled from UQ to explain that the SBTF has a great chance of not going extinct – if we stop clearing and degrading its habitat. Right now, the laws set up to prevent that are not working

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We were lucky to have Local MP Cathy O’Toole attend, she listened carefully to our questions and frustrations and told the crowd that as conservationists we can’t afford to assume our elected representatives know all this information, she encouraged attendees to talk to their local representatives. Cathy insisted that the voices of voters will make a difference on this issue – especially in marginal electorates like Townsville.

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So write to your local federal MP today! Resources here:

Next stop - Castlemaine  


Kim Garret - BirdLife Conservation Community Organiser

Image - Group shot, Mark Horvath Local Organiser, Kim Garret BirdLife Conservation Organiser, Kathy O'Toole Local member for Herbert, Dr April Reside, Black Throated Finch Recovery team, Janet Robino Townsville BirdLife Branch President.