Warrnambool take a different approach and end with a win!

Victoria Park is a gem right in the middle of Warrnambool; about thirty-five acres, mostly grass with some small plantation areas, it generally gets ignored by Council except for mowing the grass.
There are long term plans to get additional planting happening to encourage more birds in the pipeline and for a start I have had help from other BirdLife Warrnambool members to assist with baseline bird surveys, some input and advice from Dr Kerryn Herman from National Office during a visit to the site and more recently, support from Warrnambool Coastcare-Landcare Group with the aim of applying for funding from a community grant to draw up a master plan for the park.
One of the annoying problems for the park is the flyaway rubbish from the Statewide Recycling Services Pty Ltd depot across the road. Previous discussions with council about the problem have not always been fruitful in dealing with the matter, so I wrote directly to Statewide advising of the rubbish caught in plantations and offered to pick it up for a donation of $300 to BirdLife. Statewide replied immediately, stating that while not only would they remove the rubbish and would be happy for me to assist, they would also make a $300 donation to BirdLife. Voila!

Lyn Brown  

Warrnambool committee

Image, Golden Whistler by andrew Silcocks.