Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater Surveys (Aug 4-5)

The second of our biannual survey weekends for Swift Parrots and Regent Honeyeaters is coming up on the 4 and 5 August 2018.  As always, we are happy for people to undertake their searches up to a week on either side of the survey weekend.  

The aim of these long-term surveys – now running for well over 20 years - is to determine the distribution, habitat use and population trends of these two critically endangered species. This information is used to help better manage their habitat and identify important foraging areas. Read more about the surveys here

A report on the findings of the May surveys is being compiled.  In summary, Swift Parrots were mostly detected in heavily flowering NSW coastal forests (and in some places where there was no flower but good lerp supplies), and even up into southern Queensland, with only scattered sightings elsewhere.  A very small number of Regent Honeyeaters were detected in north-eastern Victoria.   

If you wish to participate in the August 2018 surveys, please contact a member of the Woodland Birds team: Dean Ingwersen (Victoria, Regent Honeyeaters), Chris Timewell (Victoria, Swift Parrots) or Mick Roderick (NSW, ACT & QLD, Swift Parrots and Regent Honeyeaters) at woodlandbirds@birdlife.org.au, and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest regional coordinator.  You can also use this email address to report a sighting of these two species. 

Opportunistic sightings of either species from any time of the year are also welcomed.  Sightings of Regent Honeyeaters are of particular interest.  Please let the team know as soon as possible if you see one or more Regent Honeyeaters, including – where possible - a precise location and any colour leg band details.  You can also contact us with Regent Honeyeater sightings using a Freecall number (1800 621 056).