Nth NSW - Is our money in the bank helping our birds?

Is our money in the bank helping our birds? 

The BLNNSW committee realises that it is not, and has agreed to continue providing some financial assistance to worthwhile projects. These projects are usually (but not always) in Northern NSW.

The following eight programs will receive a total funding injection of around $8000 in 2018. We believe it will be money well-spent, and we shall be reporting on progress with the projects in future newsletters. We shall always hold enough money in reserve for any contingencies.

PhD Projects

  • Effects of patch size and isolation on variation in the multimodal display of the Albert’s Lyrebird

Assistance with the provision of camera traps and other expenses. This study aims to improve our understanding of this species to assist with its conservation.
Researcher - Fiona Backhouse, University of Western Sydney

  • More than skin deep.  Examining the cellular-level effect of ingested plastic on the Flesh-footed Shearwater of Lord Howe Island

Assistance with histopathology expenses and an air fare. This projects looks at the effects of marine pollution by plastics on a seabird species.
Researcher - Peter Puskic, University of Tasmania

Bird survey and monitoring projects

  • Annual monitoring of a population of the endangered Rufous Scrub-bird in New England Key Biodiversity Area (KBA)

Some assistance with travel expenses. This project, run in association with OEH, is ongoing and now into it's third year.

  • Bird surveys in Naree/Yantabulla Reserves (managed by Bush Heritage) in the Paroo Floodplain/Currawinya KBA

Some assistance with travel expenses for a team of eight experienced surveyors.

Survival and dispersal studies on threatened bird species

  • The Western Ground Parrot

$1176 has already been donated to the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot from money raised by a film showing, a raffle and an auction at our recent Autumn Campout based in Urunga.

  • The Eastern Osprey

Assistance with expenses involved with banding the offspring of these birds at several sites in northern NSW.

  • Endangered shorebirds of northern NSW

Assistance with expenses involved with banding Bush Stone-curlews, Beach Stone-curlews and Australian Pied Oystercatchers.

Public information and education

  • Production of bird brochures.

Assistance with costs associated with producing brochures for three areas of northern NSW. This is a project of Byron Bird Buddies, and they will produce one brochure annually

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NTH NSW Committee