BirdLife Capricornia raises the profile of shorebirds and promotes co-existence on beaches

Through BirdLife Capricornia we hosted two shorebird workshops on September 15th and 16th, one in Yeppoon and the other at Boyne Island, Gladstone. 

We employed shorebird expert Roger Jaensch to come up from Brisbane to present the workshops and he was assisted with the presentations by Allan Briggs.  The workshops ran from 8am to 3pm and covered a range of topics from the East Asian Australasian Flyway to important local feeding/roost sites, ecology and threats and trends on the flyway. 

Of particular interest was the information on local shorebird sites with several being of international importance at Broadsound, Shoalwater Bay, Fitzroy River Delta and the Curtis Coast.  Trends over the past ten years of shorebird species and numbers for seven sites that have been surveyed annually or monthly indicated a mixed bag of declines in populated areas and stable numbers in more remote areas. 

Twenty three attended the Yeppoon workshop at the Community Development Centre and twenty attended the Boyne Island workshop at the Boyne Island Environment Education Centre with half of the attendees at Boyne Island being non-members. 

Feedback was very positive and several non-members indicated that they would be interested in attending surveys with the possibility that they would also join BirdLife Australia in the future.

The workshops helped to raise the profile of shorebirds in the region and is part of BirdLife Capricornia’s continuing efforts to promote awareness and especially co-existence on beaches and estuaries. 


BirdLife Capricornia branch committee