Where did funds go from 2017 Twitchathon.

Together, we raised $20,991.49 for conservation in 2017!

VIC and SA raised $5,073.17 playing a crucial role in 40 Mallee Emu Wrens being released into Ngarkat Conservation Park in South Australia, with signs of breeding success! Another 40 are due for release in August 2018.

QLD raised $3569.70 to support Eastern Curlew conservation advocacy at two threatened sites, Toondah Harbour and Turtle Cove, the atate split their fundraing effort to also investigate potential reintroduction’s and increase public awareness on the Black-throated Finch.

TASMANIA teams helped by raising funds for Tasmanian Masked Owl research to conduct tests for rodenticides impact on their owl population.

To find out about the Southern Boobook and Mike Lohrs PHD research of a similar vain, see page 40 of September 2018 Australian birdlife.

NSW raised funds to help monitor Australasian Bittern breeding success with a thermal drone, as well as targeted feral cat and fox control.

WA raised $692,81 for the Great Western Woodlands monitoring team who need more data to make the case for its protection, rather than race to save a species heading for extinction, this team are getting ahead of the game by working hard to list GWW as Australia’s newest  Key Biodiversity Area (KBA). Funds raised in the 2017 Twitch have helped this team boost their monitoring effort and do the distance to get to their survey sites, 500-700kms from Perth.

NT raised funds $345.38 to boost the survey effort for the Princess Parrot, each sighting or lack of a sighting where they previously occurred, will help build a picture of the true conservation status of the species. 

To read more on last years efforts see this years Twitchathon website, and while your here, register or sponsor a team!