Welcome BirdLife TOP END!

Hello Everyone

Last weekend we launched BirdLife TOP END to an excited group of 50 plus locals who are proud to join the organisations network.

Our focus is to be a central forum for birdwatching and related activities in the Top End, where previously, there has been no core group where community members can meet and share their experiences. 

Some of our core work will be on Shorebird conservation working with indigenous rangers and local stakeholders in the region to increase membership of the branch, raise awareness of bird conservation issues in the Top End,  facilitate monitoring programs and research projects on birds in the region, and co-develop action plans for the management of birds in the Top End bio-region.  

We also look forward to working with the NT Field Naturalists’ Club an affiliate of BirdLife Australia and other local like-minded groups.

Being in the Top End we get visitors from all over, this year we will be at Kakadu Bird Week first week of October and for a special treat to the Top End in 2019, we will be hosting the Australasian Ornithological Conference.  


Amanda Lillyman (Convenor) and The Top End Committee

P.S - some news from me on tracking the Far Eastern Curlew