Nth NSW recognise local Governments Support of Birds and Their Habitats

BirdLife members throughout Northern NSW work with their local Councils for better outcomes for birds and their habitats.  If you have a story, please share as we need to thank those councils, our members and perhaps inspire others to action.

Firstly, we wish to acknowledge Tweed Shire Council and especially members of their Natural Resource Management Unit. Their passion for birdlife has led to public acceptance of enclosures to protect beach-nesting birds and plans of management for Council owned holiday parks and their resident Bush Stone-Curlews.

When NSW National Parks Service could no longer support Tweed’s Osprey monitoring program, Council’s Waterways officer stepped in to map, inspect, and commit to the safe continuation of Osprey nesting cradles along the Tweed Coast. 

Since inception Tweed Shire Council has been active in the Glossy Black-Cockatoo Conservancy, and when state legislation allowed, the Council designated its first “Wildlife Protection Area” in which domestic dogs and cats are prohibited.

Local members of BirdLife Northern Rivers have joined Council staff volunteering with in-kind support of bird surveys and public outreach for the numerous state funded projects. They continue to seek funding for feral animal control and their work with cameras have been very persuasive to its need. 

Council staff are currently reviewing dog areas in public open spaces with an understanding of the needs of ground-nesting birds and migratory shorebirds. We wish to thank Tweed Shire Council for their support of birds and their habitats. We encourage our members to work with their local council staff for better local outcomes and send in their stories of success.

Linda Brannian - Deputy Convenor

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Image: Glossy Black Cockatoo by Bob Walpole from 2018 BirdLife Photo Award