White-bellied Sea-Eagle Update

Our young fledgling Sea-eagle SE 21 is now at Higher Grounds Raptor Centre, for continuing rehabilitation. Healing of her severely injured wing is progressing, but this will take a long time it seems. We all hope for ultimate release to the wild, if her wings are strong enough and healing complete. Her initial rescue and care would not have been possible without the wonderful team from Feathered Friends.

She was rescued in late November by Cassandra, Renee and Kane from FF, escorted by Judy from EagleCAM (with local knowledge and for approved access to the Nature Reserve forest). SE21 received several weeks of intensive support and care at the Feathered Friends Sanctuary. The Trichomonas infection and injuries were treated under veterinary supervision.

Survival of our fledgling is due to the care and support of a wonderful team of raptor enthusiasts and friends. Thank you Ravi and Peggy and your teams.

The adult Sea-Eagles remain in the area, returning to the nest frequently. Live streaming has been disturbed a lot recently, with violent storms and other issues. Some of our equipment will definitely need replacing.

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