South Australian Shorebird Alliance (SASA) to carve out Action Plan

In 2017, the formation of a South Australian Shorebird Alliance (SASA) was initiated. The SASA is a collaboration involving multiple government and not-for-profit organisations to support community efforts in South Australia (SA) to protect resident and migratory shorebirds, including beach-nesting birds. SASA also focuses on implementing the key priorities of the National Migratory Shorebird Conservation Action Plan in SA.

BirdLife Australia plays a key role as a steering committee member of the SASA and facilitated a workshop at University of Adelaide 18-19 October 2018 to start the process of drafting a SA Migratory Shorebird Conservation Action Plan. The results of this workshop will be discussed at the next SASA meeting in Adelaide on 4 February 2019 and actions to be taken in SA prioritised. SA would be the first Australian state to have its own regional plan.

More on the National Migratory Shorebird Conservation Action Plan here:


Cheers from the Migratory Shorebird team

Dan, Steve and Lindal.

Image: Red - Capped Plover by Lachlan Hall Shortlisted - 2018 Bird photographer of the year