Long service recognition - Gil Pilgrim & Stewart Slade

‘Gillie’ Pilgrim and ‘Stewie’ Slade are members of the legendary Gluepot ‘RAG’ (Rough-as-Guts) construction and maintenance team.

Together with team leader Bill Santos, they have been volunteering at Gluepot for over 15 years. Residing in the Riverland, the team has driven the 200km round trip, usually on Wednesdays, to undertake a wide range of construction and maintenance work on the Reserve.

Volunteers living and working at Gluepot recognize the efforts of these men, benefitting from the utilities and facilities that they create and maintain. From constructing sheds and buildings, installing water tanks and pipelines and other infrastructure, to repairing systems and equipment, to transporting a wide variety of hardware and supplies, to grading the tracks, or pumping out the long-drop toilets, these men have done it.

At the end-of-year BBQ and Xmas party held for volunteers in November, Gillie and Stewie were recognized for their work and dedication to Gluepot by having the newly constructed grader shed named in their honour. At the function, Chairman Duncan MacKenzie presented the men with a plaque recognizing their work. This will be erected in front of the shed……..another one of their projects