Great news for Bitterns in WA.

The WA government approved the recovery plan for the Australasian Bittern. On 21 November 2018 there was a recovery planning meeting and the result is that WA now has an Australasian Bittern Recovery Team headed by Sarah Comer of DBCA and Vicki Stokes BirdLife WA Program Manager. On the same day as the recovery planning meeting there was a symposium held at the Cockburn Wetlands Centre on The Australasian Bittern and its Wetlands which was well attended.

On 6 March 2019 the first meeting of the WA Australasian Bittern Recovery team will occur. BirdLife WA has also received generous funding from State NRM for the Australasian Bittern project to work with farmers in south west Australia.

Congratulations to the team!

Image by Andrew Silcocks.