Carpentarian Grasswrens are calling YOU!

BirdLife Northern Queensland is calling for volunteers to survey for grasswrens in some spectacular spinifex country.

When - 13-26 May 2019

 Where - based on Calton Hills station, just north of Mount Isa, and adjacent properties.

Who - anyone who can walk up some hills and through spinifex country and listen and watch for grasswrens.  BirdLife NQ will supply training.

The survey group plans to be in the Calton Hills area for approximately two weeks, travelling in teams, camping on the property.  So they will require participants who are comfortable camping in the bush, and spending your mornings walking through hilly, but not mountainous terrain.  Some volunteers who have reliable 4wd vehicles since many of the roads are typical station tracks is also desirable.

So if you are ready for a Western Queensland adventure, and keen to help a very threatened bird species, the Carpentarian Grasswren contact Kath Shurcliff. on 07 4069 6595, or at for further details.

Image: Carpentarian Grasswren by Kath Shurcliff