Act for Birds - Melbourne community forum

The Act for Birds campaign kicked off in Melbourne - with a meeting in North Balywyn - attended by a members from BirdLife Melbourne, and also many new to BirdLife. All were keen to hear about what could be done to campaign for stronger nature laws.

The campaign is led by Andrew Hunter, BirdLife’s Conservation Campaigner and Fiona Blandford in her brand new role as Community Organiser.

During the presentations, Andrew gave an excellent update on our journey so far in the campaign, and a road map for the coming months in this crucial period.

Now, we need stories more than ever - it is clear that the facts are not enough, as birds and their habitats are still under threat from our inadequate nature laws.

BirdLife Australia President John Barkla shared his story - detailing his journey and pivotal role in both Bird Observation Conservation Australia and Birds Australia, and his passion and commitment for the Western Treatment Plant and its management.

We also heard from attendees - as they shared their stories under the guidance of Fiona’s story of self training. For more about the power of story, and to share your story - no matter how short, go to the Act for Birds website.

Thank you to BirdLife Melbourne for their assistance on the night.

Now that the election has been called, it is time to make your voice heard!
Email your MP here, or speak to or tweet your election candidates, and ask them about their party’s commitment to fix our broken nature laws, and why this is so important to you.


We had some 60 attendees at the Melbourne forum - here the room is all abuzz as stories are shared.