Act for Birds - Adelaide Community Forum

The final event of the Act for Birds forum tour was at the Joinery, in Adelaide on April 11, 2019. Adelaide- based BirdLife Australia staff and members attended with folks from Bird SA , and some first-timers .

At this forum, we heard from John Gitsham, Birds SA President. John shared his story of love of birds, lizards and habitat, a career change to become a defender of nature, and his realisation that he was one of the last to see Regent Honeyeaters in SA, "Sadly, I soon found out it was now known to be extinct in SA, and still is! I felt very sad and humbled that I may have been one of the last to see them." 

Craig Wilkins, CEO of the Conservation Council of South Australia also attended the evening, and encouraged us all to Act for Birds: “All it can take is one really well-crafted letter to an MP. I really encourage you to tell the heart-based emotional stories. Just a few letters can make a difference”.

We also heard from committed shorebird conservationist, year seven student, Miles, who is an avid Hooded plover survey volunteer, and had been in touch with his local MP.

We thank John very much for taking the time to come out and share his story, and also to all the BirdLife SA staff who so ably assisted on the night.

For the first time in many years, the environment is tracking as an election issue! Read the latest analysis here. What this means is that even the most simplest of emails to your MP will have an impact. Although it is wonderful we have local heroes such as John and Miles acting for birds by volunteering and holding key positions, the important thing now is that any of you, whether birdwatcher or campaigner, can write to your MP and simply describe how you care about birds and habitat, and will be voting for stronger nature laws in this election.

Ring up and/or email your local MPs office and say I’ve been hearing about birds and animal extinctions, and I think stronger Nature Laws are important, how are you going to use your elected power and what are you going to do about it?